Hervé Tullet
This Isn’t Trash

Exhibition: Mar 4–Apr 22

Sat, Mar 4
4-6pm Opening & Book Signing with Hervé Tullet for Kids
6-10pm Reception

The Invisible Dog Art Center

Visual Arts • All Ages

Wildly imaginative artist Hervé Tullet—known for his beloved children’s book Press Here—presents This Isn’t Trash, his first major exhibition in New York.

Hervé will fill the Invisible Dog Art Center with hundreds of new pieces, some as tall as 8 feet, created at his studio in Harlem and onsite. Colorfully painted, torn, taped, creased and reassembled sheets of paper will be hung from the ceiling. Together, they will assemble into a layered, multi-dimensional forest of colorful artworks. Visitors will meander through, encountering new viewpoints, windows, and surprise compositions.

School tours of the exhibit will be organized over the course of its run, guided by teaching artist Amélie Gaulier, who was trained by Tullet.

Co-produced with The Invisible Dog Arts Center

The Invisible Dog Art Center
51 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Gallery Hours
Mon–Wed: Closed
Thu-Sat: 1–7pm
Sun: 1–5pm

About Hervé Tullet

Hervé Tullet is an artist and performer, as well as a renowned children’s book author, whose large-scale interactive workshops, involving up to 1000 people, take place in various libraries, schools, art centers, and museums around the world. A renowned artist of books, including Mix It Up, Let’s Play, and Press Here, Tullet is also celebrated for his large-scale art workshops for children and series of games by Phaidon. In September of 2017, Tullet will release OH! Un livre qui fait des sons. Tullet moved to New York City in October 2015. Since then, he has appeared at events, performances, and readings at such prestigious venues as the Guggenheim and MoMA. This Isn’t Trash will be his first exhibition of his work in New York.