Simon Critchley
Philosophy for Kids

Sat, Mar 18
11am (ages 5–7) • 12pm (ages 8–10)
FIAF Haskell Library

Sun, Mar 19
2pm (ages 6–8) • 3pm (ages 8–10) • 4pm (ages 10–12)
Brooklyn Public Library

Philosophy Workshop • Ages 5-12 • Free

for Mar 18

For Mar 19 at Brooklyn Public Library, no prior reservation required.

Bring your budding intellectual to explore some of life’s biggest questions!

Acclaimed scholar Simon Critchley and a group of guest philosophers, Hannes Charen, Joseph Lemelin, Ian Olasov, and Phoebe Friesen, will lead a series of discussions at FIAF’s Haskell Library and the Brooklyn Public Library. Celebrating kids’ unabashed curiosity, he will invite them to engage in deep conversations about subjects ranging from friendships to society, and other key themes in philosophy.

Workshops will be open to children only. Entry on first-come first-served basis.

Organized in collaboration with the Brooklyn Public Library as a continuation of the all-night marathon of philosophical debate, A Night of Philosophy and Ideas, taking place at the Brooklyn Public Library-Central Library, 10 Grand Army Plaza, from Jan 28 at 7pm to Jan 29 at 7am.

FIAF Haskell Library (3/18)
22 East 60th Street
New York, NY 10022

Brooklyn Public Library (3/19)
Central Branch (BPL)
10 Grand Army Plaza
New York, NY 11238

About Simon Critchley

Simon Critchley is Hans Jonas Professor at the New School for Social Research. His books include Very Little…Almost Nothing, Infinitely Demanding, The Book of Dead Philosophers, The Faith of the Faithless, The Mattering of Matter, Bowie, Memory Theatre and Notes on Suicide. He is moderator of “The Stone”, a philosophy column in The New York Times, to which he frequently contributes.