TILT > 2016

A Collaborative Project

March 5–April 14, 2016
Mon–Sat, 1–7pm / Sun, 1–5pm

The Invisible Dog Art Center

A luscious forest and archaeological dig open up a world of myth and magic in Anima. Kids are invited into an immersive and interactive installation inspired by Mayan culture, to explore the connection between man, animals, and soul.

Anima is a collaboration between visual artist Prune Nourry (Terracotta Daughters, 2014) and anthropologist Valentine Losseau with magicians Raphaël Navarro (Cie 14:20) and Etienne Saglio, artist Takao Shiraishi and scenographer Benjamin Gabrié.


Ages 5 and up

Free & open to the public

The Invisible Dog Art Center
51 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11201

Anima is commissioned by The Invisible Dog Art Center and presented with the Tilt Kids Festival.